Transportation in China – good to know


  • There are two main airports in Beijing: Capital International Airport (north of Beijing) and a smaller domestic Nanyuan Airport (south of Beijing). Check the external websites for more information on traffic from/to the airports.
  • There will be a second large international airport opening next year in 2019, the Beijing Daxing International Airport. Is is expected to become the world’s largest airport. Official websites state it will be located in the southern Daxing district and be connected by intercity train and subway with Beijing city center.
  • Transport tools in Beijing are one of the best in China and as well private transportation (taxi) as public transport (metro, bus) is comparably cheap. In bigger cities, official taxi-cabs are equipped with taximeters to measure distance.

Note that during rush-hours there can be significant en-route delays. Take the subway or train instead!

  • Travelling inside Beijing by subway is much easier and often faster than taking a public bus or taxi. Even without knowing a single word Chinese, ticket counters and ticket machines at the stations operate in English throughout the city.
  • The capital’s transportation hub is one of the most important in China. Train ticket offices are available at the four train stations (Beijing Railway Station 北京站, South Railway Station 北京南站, West Railway Station 北京西站 and North Railway Station 北京北站) and in more than 500 ticket counters throughout Beijing.

Note that to purchase a train ticket (or collect your ticket which was bought online) you will need to show your passport or a copy of your passport and pay a small extra fee! 

source: (open link to enlarge map)

General tip!

Note that all Google services are currently blocked by Chinese authorities on mainland China. Download an offline map (if available) for all cities you intend to visit in China in advance.

The best alternative for me is the offline app MAPS.ME (iOS and Android) , which offers various offline maps in China and throughout the globe and runs smoothly on the phone.

Another option is the so called Baidu Maps 百度地图 , a Chinese version of Google Maps. If you can type or/and speak some basic Chinese, Baidu Maps is the best option for you. There is a nice Youtube tutorial on Baidu Maps to get familiar with the functions and usage before you start your China trip.


more cities to follow soon….


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