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Hey friends!


Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my travel and yoga blog.

Now that you have found your way here, you may ask yourself what to except.

Well, maybe you…

  • need new ideas for travel destinations. or
  • some sort of spiritual inspiration and exchange on yoga. or
  • just want to “hang out” with me for a while.

This blog is dedicated to the outside (travel) and the inside (yoga) world and you will find most of my articles and stories in both German and English. To make it as easy as possible for you to navigate and find the right information, there are two main headings on this website: travel and yoga. Also to help me create new interesting content, please feel free to post questions or ideas in the comments field. Don’t hesitate to ask anything related to yoga and travel!

So who am I? I’m Maria, an enthusiast writer and traveler and a passionate yoga devotee. Currently at the edge of completing my four-year yoga teacher training of a minimum of 800-hours at the school Samtosha in Berlin, I would love to share my profound yoga knowledge and my views on this world with you. As a travel agent by profession, my job supports not only my life (style) but at same time contributes to my devotion for foreign countries and far-away (mainly Asian) destinations. Besides, I am into art and drawing in particular. Sometimes you may find a drawing or picture attached to one of my blogs.

Whether you are interested in āsana, prāṇāyāma or yoga philosophy, or want to get inspired by my short stories from around the world, you will find the right mixture here for you for sure.

No matter where you are now on your journey, welcome to my world and let’s get started!

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